Message to students regarding allocation of data

25 March 2022

Dear UP Student

Following a request from the Student Representative Council, the Executive has decided to make available a limited amount in funding to students who need data in order to complete their academic work. These are students who are not able to access facilities and infrastructure on any of the UP campuses.

While the Department of Higher Education and Training did allocate funds in 2020/2021 to assist students with purchasing data, these funds are depleted and there is no further allocation to universities for student data. This means the University will be using funds from its own resources, which has not been budgeted for.

The monthly data allocation will vary depending on your Mobile Network Operator, and the data should strictly be used for academic purposes only. If the University finds out that a student is misusing the data, it shall be withdrawn immediately. Applicants who acquired data by dishonest means will face disciplinary action.

Eligibility criteria

  1. You must be a registered student in the First Semester of 2022.
  2. In terms of rule of the NSFAS Rule Book, NSFAS students do not qualify – they should use their book allowance for this purpose.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, NSFAS students who live at home, and who have no access to Wi-Fi and are unable to incur costs to travel to campus, may apply. Evidence of the said students’ circumstances is required.
  4. Students in University-controlled accommodation do not qualify.
  5. Students who stay in accredited accommodation where there is Wi-Fi do not qualify.
  6. Family income should be below R600 000 per annum. Evidence is required in this regard.
  7. Students who stay close to campus would not need data as they have access to campus and its Wi-Fi facilities.

How to apply

  1. Applications for data should be done through the UP Student Portal, click on “Student Centre” or “Apply for Data”.
  2. Application does not guarantee assistance and depends on available funds. There are limited funds since this is not budgeted for.
  3. Applications open on 25 March 2022.

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