Community-Based Project Mamelodi

Posted on March 03, 2010

The department of Construction Economics decided to coordinate and facilitate the project, in stead of every student doing their own project, to ensure that the projects are construction related and to ensure that students obtain on site practical experiences, which is linked to the learning outcomes of several Construction Economic subjects. It was decided last year to do the project, which entails the construction of a multi functional building. We are making use of an innovative building method, consisting out of a light steel frame and cladding. The Mamelodi project consists out of two sites, one referred to as the Berakah site and the other the Viva site. The proposed multifunctional building will be located at the Berakah site. Students are involved on both sites. Vulnerable children are housed at the Viva site. The University’s Department of Community Engagement, NGO’s and other Faculties have been involved with the community for quite some time. The project is coordinated by the 3rd year lecturer, Riaan Jansen, who is also the lecturer for the subject Construction Management 310 & 320. The learning outcomes of the two subjects are linked to the community project. The student group involved is the 3rd year Construction Management students with the assistance of a few Quantity Surveying students. Last year, we sent our students for training to master the trade of light steel framing and wall cladding during the June recess. It was facilitated by SASFA with the help of industry.

The first phase has been completed before the December builder’s holiday. The second phase started in February 2010. The second phase will be spread over the 1st semester of 2010 which is more or less over a 14 week timeframe. 1 Day per week will be allocated to ensure that the construction and the theory discussed merge over this time. Although each 3rd year student was supposed to spend 40 hours, many did more hours during the first phase. The uniqueness of the project is that it is designed to be self sufficient, green and innovative. This in itself had its challenges. Most of our students only have theoretical knowledge and no experience on site. The project can not be executed without the following sponsors’ involvement:

Get Connected for sourcing and introducing sponsors and suppliers.
Group 5, Afrimix for sponsoring the concrete for the slabs.
Nutec (Everite) for sponsoring the nutec panels..
Cornerstone Construction for the construction management on site
The construction economics 3rd year students
The dean, Prof. Sandenberg of the EBIT faculty for the financial contribution
The head, Prof. Maritz of the Construction Management Department for the support and financial contribution.
Telematic services for the recording of the construction project.
Bluescope Steel for sponsoring the light steel.
Clotan Steel for sponsoring the profiling of the light steel frames

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