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Opinion: The withdrawal of the Mandela book was nothing short of censorship

25 Aug 2017

Op-Ed: What Women's Day means to me: Remembering Saartjie Baartman and the place of memo

08 Aug 2017

Op-Ed: It takes a village to breastfeed a child
07 Aug 2017

Op-Ed: Women leaders negotiate a difficult path

 04 Aug 2017

 Opinion: Science has the power to boost farming in Africa. But a lot has to change
26 June 2017

Opinion: How to create jobs in the age of robots and low growth
 26 June 2017

Opinion: Growth is dying as the silver bullet for success. Why this may be a good thing

31 May 2017

Opinion: Why resilience matters for schools trying to thrive in tough situations
 30 May 2017

Remembering Ontlametse Phalatse - progeria patient and inspiration
 15 May 2017

Op-Ed: What is colonialism (to us)? Western Cape Premier reveals a truth
30 March 2017

Op-Ed: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
 13 Feb 2017

Op-Ed: What's in a name? High Court considers protecting the identities of children in criminal proceedings
10 Feb 2017

Op-Ed: South African universities: common problems but no common solutions
03 Feb 2017

Op-Ed: If Africa is serious about a free trade area it needs to act quickly and differently
 13 Jan 2017

Opinion piece by Ending the Rape Culture
25 Nov 2016

The enduring lessons of 16 June 

15 June 2016

Avanade's 15 for 15 scholarship programme makes dreams

come true for local girl

 30 May 2016

Children in prison with their mothers – South Africa leading the way

21 Apr 2016

Taking the right to equality seriously: the duty of the state to provide ‘appropriate’ sign language interpreters

08 Mar 2016

Stroke Week

04 Nov 2015

Bone and Joint Action Week 2015

10 Oct 2015

UP’s Centre for Child Law obtains High Court judgement protecting separated asylum seeker children

22 July 2015

A new law protecting adolescents from being arrested and tried for consensual sexual activity was signed by President Jacob Zuma on 3 July 2015

3 July 2015

Five reasons why South Africa should not withdraw from the International Criminal Court Statute

22 June 2015

Child Protection Week 2015

04 June 2015

Making the African Union more people-centred depends on both the AU and the people of Africa

27 May 2015

Africa and human crisis: focus on xenophobia in South Africa

 25 May  2015

International Nurses Day 2015

12 May

The relevance of the Freedom Charter in present-day South Africa

29 April

Equality around sexual orientation and gender identity in South Africa – still a pipe dream?

 02 April 2015

Dreams do come true

13 Mar 2015

EEDSM remains an option for addressing SA’s electricity crisis

04 Mar 2015

International Mother Language Day: Are South Africans linguistic cave dwellers?

 25 Feb 2015


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