It is with great honor that we – the Executive Committee of 2018– stand to serve you, the students of the Faculty of Economic and management Science. We strive to provide various opportunities for you to learn, expand your knowledge in your chosen career fields and cultivate a character of leadership.

We have entered our leadership position in a pivotal era of the university and promise to remain true to our mandate to serve the students of this faculty to the best of our abilities.

Together with the 8 different sub houses represented in Commercii, we as student leader’s aim to resource you in understanding where your career journey is heading by providing you with: platforms to network, excursions, information talks and an opportunity to give back to the community by getting involved in charity drives and outreach projects. 

We also aim to enhance student culture and foster a sense of community within the faculty and ensure we create a fun space in which students can learn and be social.If you think that being a student is all about hitting the books, take comfort in knowing that this is far from the truth! While there will definitely be times when you need to wave goodbye to your social life, your student experience is much more than essays and exams. Although it won't always seem like it, your days as a student will go very quickly even too quickly, some might say. So it is important to make the most of your years in university before you graduate.

We further aim to serve as a comprehensive support system to our students at large. In addition, we aim to bridge the gap between the students and the various departments in the faculty. Not only are we here to make sure that you are ready to go into the professional world, but we also intend to give you a platform to develop yourself as a young leader. 

As the Chairperson of Commercii, I am pleased to introduce to you a cabinet of diverse leaders that I am working with to ensure that the interests of the students in our faculty are always represented here at the University of Pretoria.


Published by Liesl Oosthuizen

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