Postgraduate Courses

A detailed and complete description of all the postgraduate courses in the field of Civil Engineering per year is listed below: 
The Postgraduate Timetables can be found under the Student information link.

Admission requirement changes

Please note that the admission requirements for the BSc (Hons) (Applied Science) degree in all Civil Engineering disciplines have been adjusted to a minimum average of 75% for the final year academic modules of the B.Tech or related course with no courses failed in the final academic year modules. This is to ensure consistency within the Faculty. This requirement is with immediate effect.

Honours - Civil Research module 2017

To all New Honours students (first enrolment 2017)

From 2017 Civil Research 780 is mandatory for all honours students registering for the first time. Students who had registered prior to 2017 must complete their course programme under the regulations in effect when registered for the first time, with the proviso that the studies must be completed in 2017. Civil Research 780 is not an elective subject. It has been included into the curriculum due to changes in the National Department for Higher Education requirements for honours degrees. It cannot be replaced by a final year skripsie or a Master’s degree dissertation.

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