Geotechnical Testing laboratory

The Department of Civil Engineering runs a laboratory doing high-quality triaxial and other testing for industry and for research purposes.  

Contact Prof SW Jacobsz ([email protected]) for all enquiries. 

The following tests are available:

Triaxial tests 
- Unconsolidated undrained triaxial test
- Consolidated drained triaxial test
- Consolidated undrained triaxial test
- Triaxial consolidation test (no shear stage)
- Triaxial permeability test (no shear stage)
- Triaxial collapse potential test (includes local strains)
- Rowe cell consolidation test (150mm)

Other tests
- Tensiometer suction measurement
- Filter paper suction pressure measurement
- Soil moisture characteristic curve determination using tensiometer and filter paper methods
- High-load oedometer test (20MPa)
- Minimum & maximum dry density tests



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