Tim Laurens

 Dr JB Laurens

Tel:      012 420-5442 / 082 891 4886
Email: [email protected]
Office: NS 1, Room 3-33 

Position: Senior Lecturer
Academic qualifications: BSc(Ed), BSc Hons (Chemistry), MSc (Chemistry), PhD (Chemistry), MSc (Toxicology)

Research interests: Analytical Chemistry, Applications of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in the fields of General and Forensic Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry


Journal articles

1. Stereoselective Synthesis of the Urinary Metabolite N-Acetyl-S-(3,4-dihydroxybutyl)cysteine, K. Sharma, J.B. Laurens, L.A. Pilcher. Synthetic Communications, 39 (2009) 1415-1424.

2. C2- and C4-position 17β-estradiol metabolites and their relation to breast cancer, A. Joubert, H. van Zyl, J. Laurens and M. Lottering. BIOCELL 33(3) (2009) 137-140.

3. Rapid GC-MS confirmation of amphetamines in urine by extractive acylation, A. A.S. Marais, J.B. Laurens, Forensic Science International 183 (2009) 78.

4. Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori infection with the 13C-urea breath test: analysis by means of selected ion monitoring GC-MS. M Jordaan and J B Laurens*, J. Sep Sci., 31, (2008) 329.

5. Example of a protocol for urine sample collection for Legally Defensible Drug Testing. J.B. Laurens and S. Laurens, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, South Africa, Sept/Oct 13(5) (2007) 24

6. The Analysis of Illicit Methaqualone Containing Preparations by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Purposes. A.A. Grove, E.R. Rohwer, J.B. Laurens and B.C. Vorster, J. Forensic Sci. 51(2), (2006) 376.

7. Analysis of urinary biomakers for exposure to alkyl benzenes by isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Marais, A.A.S., Laurens, J.B. Journal of Separation Science, 28 (18), (2005) 2526-2533

8. Hepatocyte function in a radial-flow bioreactor using a perfluorocarbon oxygen carrier . Nieuwoudt M J, Moolman SF, Van Wyk KJ,  Kreft E, Olivier B, Laurens J B, Stegman FG, Vosloo J, Bond R, and Van der Merwe S W . Artificial organs  29(11), (2005), 915-8.

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