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The Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship has made significant strides in fulfilling its mandate of creating a conducive environment for interdisciplinary research and participation, and counts among its achievements the different collaborative research Initiatives currently housed in its confines which are true to its initial focus on the humanities and social sciences. Research and publication output is detailed as follows:


The Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn)

Research Activities

Journal Articles

Adelle, C (2014). "Policy Coherence for Development in the European Union: Do New Procedures Unblock or Simply Reproduce Old Disagreements". Journal of European Integration, Vol 36, No 4, pp 375-391. PUBNO R0-007133

Fioramonti, L (2014). “The world’s most powerful number: An assessment of 80 years of GDP ideology”. Anthropology Today, Vol 30, No 2, pp 12-15.PUBNO RO-007487

Nshimbi, C and L Fioramonti (2014). "The Will to Integrate: South Africa’s Responses to Regional Migration from the SADC Region". African Development Review, Vol 26, No S1, pp. 52-63.PUBNO R0-008107

Qobo, M and D Motsamai (2014). “Developmental State Construction and Strategic Regionalism: The Continental Reach of South Africa’s Development Finance Institutions”, Global Policy, Vol 5, No 3, pp 353-359. PUBNO RO-007561

Qobo, M (2014). “On the pitfalls of a developmental state”. Strategic Review for Southern Africa, Vol 36, No 2, November, pp 96-110. PUBNO RO-008035

Engel, U, Mattheis, F, Plötze, T and H Zinecker (2014). “Neue Regionalismen in Afrika und Lateinamerika – Globale Ordnungsprozesse im Wandel”, Denkströme, No 12, pp 20-36.

Fioramonti, L (2014). “Africa Rising? Think Again”, Perspectives Africa, Issue 1, February, pp 6-9.

Authored Books

Fioramonti L, (2014). How numbers rule the world: The use and abuse of statistics in global politics (1st Edition). London: Zed Books. 271 pp. PUBNO R0-007952

Mashele, P and M Qobo, (2014). The Fall of the ANC: What Next? (1st Edition). Johannesburg: Pan MacMillan. 228 pp. PUBNO R0-007952

Chapters in Books

Fioramonti L, (2014),”The European Development Strategy in Africa: The economic partnership agreement as a case of ‘aggressive’ multilateralism”,  in Bouchard, C, Peterson, J and N Tocci (eds), Multilateralism in the 21st Century: Europe’s Quest for Effectiveness. UK: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. 978-0-415-52004-1, pp 178-197. PUBNO RO-003822.

Fioramonti L, (2014), ”The European Union promoting human rights and democracy in Africa”, in Murithi, T (ed), Handbook of Africa’s International Relations. UK: Routledge ISBN. 978-1-85743-633-4, pp 324-332. PUBNO RO-008134

Fioramonti L, (2014),”The Role of Civil Society in (Re) Shaping World Regions”, in Fioramonti, L (ed), Civil Society and World Regions: How Citizens are Reshaping Regional Governance in Times of Crisis. UK: Lexington Books. ISBN. 978-0-7391-8710-4, pp 1-10. PUBNO RO-008281

 Occasional Papers

Fioramonti, L (2014). “The Evolution of Supranational Regionalism: From Top-Down Regulatory Governance to Sustainability Regions?”, UNU-CRIS Working Paper, W-2014-2. Available online:

Qobo, M (2014). “South Africa and Patchwork Governance. System Stabiliser or Antagonis?” Foreign Voices, 5/2014, 4 pp.

Conference Contributions

Mattheis, F (2014). Paper presented at ISA-FLASCO Joint International Conference Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23-25 July.

Mattheis, F (2014). Paper presented at European Congress on World and Global History, Paris, France, 4-7 September.

Nshimbi, CC (2014). “The Human Side of Regions: Informal Cross-border Trade in Southern Africa”, paper presented at the Governance Innovation Week 2014, University of Pretoria, 2-7 June 2014.

Nshimbi, CC (2014). “Beyond Free Trade: Prospects for freeing human mobility in Southern Africa”, paper presented at the Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa and Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office Roundtable: Towards a regional integrated migration regime: A future perspective, Cape Town, 3 September 2014.

Nshimbi, CC (2014). “Trans-boundary water resources: prospects for greater regional cooperation and integration in Southern Africa”, paper presented at the 15th WaterNet/Water Research Fund for southern Africa/Global Water Partnership-Southern Africa (WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA) Symposium, Lilongwe, 29-31 October.

Scientific Publication

Fioramonti, L (25 January 2014). “The Politics of Numbers in the Age of Austerity”, openDemocracy (available at:

Fioramonti, L (29 January 2014). “GDP Turns 80. Time to Retire!”, openDemocracy (available at:

Fioramonti, L (26 February 2014). “The BRICS of Collapse: Why Emerging Economies Need a Different Development Model”, openDemocracy (available at:

Fioramonti, L (25 July 2014). “Time to Liberate Ourselves from a Misleading Statistic”, Business Day (available at:

Fioramonti, L (20 August 2014). “Private Sector Must Address Challenges of the 21st Century”, Business Day (available at:

Fioramonti, L (30 September 2014). “Business by Numbers can Dull Creativity in the Workplace”, Business Day (available at:

Fioramonti, L (28 October 2014). “Creative Ideas on Migration Will Open the Doors to Growth”, Business Day (available at:

Fioramonti, L (27 November 2014). “World needs a new Bretton Woods with Africa in the lead”, Business Day (available at:

Nshimbi, C (26 May). “Lawlessness at Kasumbalesa border impedes regional integration in Southern Africa”, OpenDemocracy.

Nshimbi, C (19 August). “Does it really matter to snub Mugabe?”, NAI Forum: The Nordic Africa Development Policy Forum.

Nshimbi, C (4 November). “Names and democracy in southern Africa: The tale of two Presidents”, NAI Forum: The Nordic Africa Development Policy Forum.


Human Economy

Journal Articles

K Hart & V. Padayachee, (2013) A history of South African capitalism in national and global perspective, Transformation 81/82: 55-85

K Hart & J. Sharp, (2014) People, Money and Power in the Economic Crisis: Perspectives from the Global South, Berghahn, New York.

K Hart & W. James, (2014) Marcel Mauss: a living inspiration, Journal of Classical Sociology 14.1: 3-10 (editor of special issue)

K Hart & H. Ortiz, (2014) The anthropology of money and finance, Annual Review of Anthropology 43:465-482.

K Hart (2014) Jack Goody: The Anthropology of Unequal Society, Reviews in Anthropology, 43:3, 199-220 DOI: 10.1088/00938157.2004.937667.

Rakopoulos, T, (2014) Cooperative Modulations: The Antimafia Movement and Struggles over Land and Cooperativism in Eight Sicilian Municipalities. Journal of Modern Italian Studies 19(1): 15-33. DOI 10.1080/1354571X.2014.851964

Rakopoulos, T, (2014) The Crisis Seen from Below, Within and Against: From Solidarity Economy to Food Distribution Cooperatives in Greece. Dialectical Anthropology 38: 189-207. DOI 10.1007/s10624-014-9342-5

Rakopoulos, T, (2014) Resonance of Solidarity:  Anti-Middleman Food Distribution in Anti-Austerity Greece. Journal of Modern Greek Studies 32(2): 95-119. DOI: 10.1353/mgs.2014.0040

Rakopoulos, T, (2014) The Informal Solidarity Economy in the Greek 'Submerged' Welfare of the Crisis. Contemporary Issues [Sychrona Themata] 124: 16-24 (in Greek).

Maliehe, S, (2014) An obscured narrative in the political economy of colonial commerce in Lesotho, 1870-1966, Historia 59 (2), pp 28-45

Chibuogwu, I, (2014) Household characteristics and unintended pregnancy among ever-married women in Nigeria, Social Medicine, Volume 8 (1)

Chibuogwu, I, (2014) Whose child id dying? Household characteristics and under-5 mortality in Nigeria, South African Journal of Child Health, Volume 8 (1)

Magure, B, (2014) Land, indigenisation and empowerment: narratives that made a difference in Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections’.  Journal of African Elections 14 (2)

Magure, B, (2014) ‘Interpreting Urban Informality in Chegutu, Zimbabwe’. Journalof Asian and African Studies, 10 June 2014. Published online and available at: DOI: 10.1177/0021909614535568


Capital Cities: Space Justice and Belonging project

Research Activities

Chapters in Books

A Mabin, (2014) “Tshwane and spaces of power in South Africa”, International Journal of Urban Sciences 18 - about to be published on internet and in print do not yet have page numbers

A Mabin, (2014) “In the forest of transformation: the ‘northern suburbs’ of Johannesburg”, in G Gotz, P Harrison, A Todes and C Wray (eds) Spatial Transformations in Johannesburg (Johannesburg: Wits University Press), pp. 395-417

A Mabin, (2014) “Grounding southern city theory in time and space”, in S Parnell and S Oldfield (eds) Routledge Handbook on Cities of the South (London) pp. 21-36

A Mabin and M Oranje, (2014) “The 1938 Johannesburg ‘Town Planning Exhibition and Congress’: Testament, Monument and Indictment”, in R Freestone and M Amati (eds) Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture (Aldershot: Ashgate) pp. 97-110


Public Sector and Policy Research

Research Activities

Journal Articles:

Vil-Nkomo, S, (2013) "The Future of the Public Service: A Political Economy Approach." In the Journal of Public Administration, Vol 48, No 3, September 2013

Vil-Nkomo, S and Maserumule HM, (2014) "A Nation in Search of Dignity: A Humanitarian Public Service." Accepted for publication in the Journal for Public Administration and Management for 2014

Vil-Nkomo, S, (2014) "Human Capital Investment and Development: The Heroes and Heroines of Democracy." Accepted for Publication in The Thinker: A Pan African Quarterly for Thought Leaders, Quarter 4, Volume 62 in 2014

Vil-Nkomo, S. "A Humanitarian Approach to Public Service Delivery. Editing A Collection of Essays for the Journal of Public Administration and Management for publication in 2014 and also contributing an article.

see here a detailed list of publications associated with the Centre.



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