Mediation Arguments

Mediation Arguments is a working paper series of the Centre for Mediation in Africa. The series explores the dynamics and outcomes of mediation efforts to prevent, manage and resolve high intensity conflict. 

How and Why African Mediators Compromise Democracy

By Laurie Nathan

Mediation Arguments no. 10 - February 2016

Dag Hammarskjold and Conflict Mediation, by Henning Melber

Mediation Arguments no. 9 - January 2016

Picking Up the Pieces: Mediation Strategies in Fragmented Conflicts, by Joshua Levkowitz

Mediation Arguments no. 8 - January 2016

Whither the Notion of 'African Solutions to African Problems'? The African Union and the Mali Crisis (2012 - 2013), by Kasaija Phillip Apuuli

Mediation Arguments no. 7 - October 2015

Managing complexity in mediation: The Namibian case, by Chris Saunders

Mediation Arguments no. 6 - June 2014

Mediated power-sharing agreements, reconciliation and transitional justice: Liberia, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, by Cori Wielenga and Nickson Bond.



Mediation Arguments no. 5 - April 2014

The dog that didn't bark: The absence of significant international mediation in the South African transition to democracy, by Chris Saunders



Mediation Arguments no. 4 - April 2013

A clash of norms and strategies in Madagascar: Mediation and the AU policy on unconstitutional change of government, by Laurie Nathan

Mediation Arguments no. 3 - March 2013

The usefulness of national mediation in intra-state conflict in Africa, by Andries Odendaal

Mediation Arguments no. 2 - February 2013

A crowded field: Competition and coordination in international peace mediation, by David Lanz and Rachel Gasser

Mediation Arguments no. 1 - January 2013
Legitimate representation in mediation processes: Civil society involvement in Liberia and Kenya, by Franzisca Zanker







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