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Centre for Geoinformation Science (CGIS) became an inaugural chapter of the YouthMappers network ( in 2016. YouthMappers is an international university network with the goal to encourage students to participate  in humanitarian mapping initiatives. The network supports university efforts to provide meaningful experiences to learn globally, build a socially engaged citizenry, enhance long-term scientific capacity around the world, and foster youth leadership.


Upcoming events

Monitoring Coastal Areas with Mapathons and Hackathons - 17 and 18 August 2018

The purpose of this mapathon is to map different types of access to the coastline of South Africa. Information on the previous mapathon is available here,

OpenStreetMap Mapathon at AfricaGeo - 17 September 2018

During the workshop, attendees will participate in a mapathon to contribute data to OpenStreetMap (an openly-licensed geospatial database created and edited by volunteers) . Data will be contributed to a specific area of South Africa to improve coverage. Attendees will have to bring their own laptop and mouse (it is difficult to digitize with a touchpad). Internet access is required. More information here,


Previous activities

The CGIS YouthMappers chapter engage in various activities ranging from humanitarian mapping to local school outreach. You can read more about these activities in the CGIS annual report and CGIS news

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General information about mapathons

What is OpenStreetMap and HOT?

OpenStreetMap (OSM, is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. Anyone can contribute to OSM, and thousands of people add to OSM every day. The Humanitarian OSM Team (HOT) was established after the Haiti earthquake in 2010 when hundreds of volunteers world-wide created a detailed map of Hiati. Currently, HOT task manager is used by various organizations when responding to natural disasters, political crises and other destructive events, or projects designed to mitigate or plan for disaster risk or economic development. 

What is a mapathon?

A mapathon (literally “map marathon”) is a collaborative effort, usually performed by groups of people who meet together (e.g. at a university or a company) aimed at collecting specific map data through remote mapping (typically for humanitarian purposes) in places where OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is scarce or non-existent. Learn more here,

Additional resources:


Missing Maps,

Humanitarian OSM Team,



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