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Geoinformatics final year projects

Viva GIS! -  Empowerment through mapping

In 2015, the university partnered with the Viva Foundation, in the Alaska informal settlement in the City of Tshwane, to start a project that aim to ultimately empower the settlement. The project was executed by the final year geoinformatics students at University of Pretoria. The first phase of the project was the actual mapping of the settlement, data such as dwelling numbers, locations of water taps and points of interest, footpaths in the settlement was captured. The next phase was to identify a need in the settlement and use the data captured to implement a web GIS solution.
In 2016, for the Geo4All Cartographic Challenge, the following poster [38MB] and video were created by Kathryn Arnold and Claudio Duarte.
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2015 Projects:



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