PhD students

Topics of PhD-students relate to the respective themes as follows:

To the theme Ethics of Health Research

  • “Information that patients want to be captured in a consent document for participating in research on cancer and diabetes mellitus medication” (PhD is currently being examined)
  • “The ethical soundness of popularity embedded in citation counts and the h-index of health researchers”

To the theme Philosophy of Mental Health

  • “Meanings of loneliness: the subjective experience of loneliness among psychiatric patients”. (PhD is currently being examined)
  • “Symptomatological study of syndromal and undifferentiated anxiety comorbid to acute phase schizophrenia”
  • “Qualitative experiences afforded by active and receptive music therapy techniques among patients suffering from schizophrenia spectrum disorder and depressive illness”
  • “The effect of psychological resilience and vulnerability on the impact of adverse life events on fatigue, motor dysfunction and paraesthesiae in multiple sclerosis”

To the themes Philosophy of Mental Health and Values in Health Practice

  • “A critical discourse analysis of the casebooks by Dr T.D. Greenlees from the Grahamstown Lunatic Asylum, 1890-1907”

To the themes Ethics of Mental Health and Person-centeredness and Informed Consent to Health Interventions

  • “The development, validity and reliability of an instrument that assesses incapacity to give informed consent owing to mental disorder for purposes of meeting ethical and legal requirements in South Africa”

To the themes Person-centeredness and Informed Consent to Health Interventions and Values in Health Practice

  • “Qualitative affordances and ethics of incorporating spiritual aspects in person-centred healthcare” 
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