National, regional and international projects

  • The Global Gap Survey – a global survey of the generally accepted practices of PR/Communication management trends and practices in the world. The CCRM (in cooperation with PRISA (Public Relations and Communication Management institute of Southern Africa - a professional association) entered into and completed this project in 2014. The project had been coordinated internationally by the USC Annenburg School of Communication.
  • The Global Capabilities Project – the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Associations and educational institutions (GA) project on global capabilities of graduates in public relations and communication management (inception of the project in 2016). The project is coordinated by Prof Anne Gregory of Huddersfield University in the UK and the research across world institutions will take two years. The actors are as follows:
Lead Academic:
Professor Anne Gregory, University of Huddersfield. UK
University of Huddersfield collaborators:
Professor Stephen Swailes
The Business School
Other collaborators – Home, EU and International:
Dr Marianne Sison: Deputy Dean, International, School of Media and Communication, RMIT, Australia (Internationally known), published in highest ranked Journal in the field.
Professor Elena Gutierrez Garcia: Director of Masters in Political and Corporate Communication (highest ranked Masters in the field in Spain). University of Navarra, Spain. (Internationally known) and  publishes in highly ranked Journals, well connected in the profession.
Professor Ronél Rensburg: Communication Management Division, University of Pretoria, South Africa. South Africa’s most well-known, highest-rated in field and respected academic in the field, internationally recognised and worked with Mervyn King on the famous King Reports.
Professor Jesper Falkheimer: Rector, Helsingborg Campus, University of Lund, Sweden. Sweden’s leading academic in the field, internationally and widely published. Taking over from the applicant as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Communication Management in January 2016.
Professor Alexandre Sévigny: Director, McMaster University/Syracuse University Master of Communications Management, McMaster University, Canada. Internationally ranked and one of Canada’s leading academics in the field.
Dr Amy Thurlow: Graduate Program Coordinator, Mount St Vincent University, Canada who is an emerging academic and undertaking research with the Canadian Public Relations Society.
Professor Gregor Halff: Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, Singapore. One of Asia’s strongly emerging academics. A growing international reputation and currently Chair of the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management.
Professor Katerina Tsetsura: Gaylord Family Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, University of Oklahoma, USA. A scholar of growing international standing. Published in highest ranked journal. Chair of the Global Affairs Committee of the US Public Relations Society of America.
Dr Gabriel Sadi: Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI), Argentina. An emerging scholar with academic profile in South America. He is well connected into the practitioner community and sits on the Board of the Argentinian Public Relations Association.
Institutions/ Industry Partners (if applicable):
Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management (the international confederation of the professional associations of public relations and communication management – includes the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK)
Government Communication Service, No 10 & Cabinet Office, UK
Commission for Public Relations Education (international body advising academic institutions globally on curriculum content and standards)
  • The development of learning materials for the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS). The GCIS, the Communication Task Team and the Cabinet’s decision about the National Communication Strategy have emphasised this skills development need among government communicators through relevant capacity building programmes with content that will stimulate interest, garner support and deliver the expected outcomes. The CCRM developed the material and presented the training courses. The course was completed in 2015.
This course consisted of six training modules –
Module 1: An introduction to political communication
Module 2: An introduction to the political, government (state) and policy-making environment
Module 3: An introduction to international communication
Module 4: Understanding all communication platforms
Module 5: Social marketing, cause-related and issues communication
Module 6: Development communication.
  • A financial communication analysis for Media24 - after the onset of integrated reporting that impacted negatively on the survival of print media (newspapers) in South Africa, media group had to take stock of the way forward for newspapers in South Africa. This survey was conducted and completed in 2015.
  • A stakeholder analysis, communication strategy and implementation plan for TerrAfrica, This project was initiated in Nairobi, Kenya on the 17th of October 2016 and will be completed in the course of 2017.
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