2014 Research Publications

(The surnames of all CAAC staff members and students are indicated in bold)


Bryen, D.N., & Bornman J. (eds). 2014. Stop Violence Against People with Disabilities: An International Resource. Pretoria:Pretoria University Law Press

 ISI- and DoHE-accredited journal articles 

De Klerk, M., Dada, S., & Alant, E. (2014) Children’s identification of graphic symbols representing four basic emotions: Comparison of Afrikaans-speaking and Sepedi-speaking children. Journal of Communication Disorders. Early Online. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jcomdis.2014.05.006. Impact factor: 1.52

Donohue, D. K., & Bornman, J. (2014). The challenges of realizing inclusive education in South Africa. South African Journal of Education, 34(2), 1-14.

Donohue, D.K., Bornman, J., & Granlund, M. (2014). Examining the rights of children with intellectual disability in South Africa: Children’s perspectives. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 39(1), 55-64. Impact factor: 1.06

Donohue, D.K., Bornman, J. , & Granlund, M. (2014). Household size is associated with unintelligible speech in children who have intellectual disabilities: A South African study. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. Early Online. doi:10.3109/17518423.2014.890256. Impact factor: 1.475

Naude, A.M., & Bornman, J. (2014). A systematic review of ethics knowledge in audiology (1980 – 2010). American Journal of Audiology, 23, 151-157. Impact factor 1.068

Tönsing, K.M., Dada, S., & Alant, E. (2014). Teaching graphic symbol combinations during shared storybook reading. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 30(4): 279-297. doi:10.3109/07434618.2014.965846. Impact factor: 1.27

Peer reviewed journal articles

Van Niekerk, K., & Tönsing, K.M. (2014). Eye gaze technology: A South African perspective, Disability and rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. Early Online: 1–7. doi:10.3109/17483107.2014.974222.

Accepted for publication

(Papers marked with * were accepted in ISI- or DoHE-accredited journals)

*Erasmus, A., Bornman, J., & Dada, S. Afrikaans-speaking parents’ perceptions of the rights of their children who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities: A descriptive investigation. Journal of Child Health Care. Impact factor: 0.97

*Huus, K., Granlund, M., Bornman, J., & Lygnegård, F. Human rights of children with intellectual disabilities: Comparing self-ratings and proxy ratings. Child: Care, Health and Development. Impact factor: 1.832

*Tönsing, K.M. Supporting the Production of Graphic Symbol Combinations by Children with Limited Speech: A Comparison of Two AAC systems. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. Impact factor: 1.267

Submitted for publication

(For reasons of confidentiality the journal names are omitted.)

Bastable, K., Dada, S., & Uys, K. The effect of non-powered, self-initiated mobility on engagement of young children with severe motor impairment.

Hansen, M., Harty, M., & Bornman, J. The attitudes of typically developing children towards participation with their siblings with severe speech and language disabilities: an exploratory study.

Horn, T., Dada, S., & Samuels, A. Children’s attitudes toward interaction with an unfamiliar peer with Complex Communication Needs (CCN): Comparing high- and low-technology devices.

Huus, K., Dada, S., Bornman, J., & Lygnegård, F. Primary caregivers’ perceptions of children’s rights in a South African context.

Johnson, E., Boshoff, K., & Bornman, J. Systematic review of children's pain vocabulary.

Johnson, E., Nilsson, S., & Adolfsson, M. Eina! Ouch! Eish! How pain in children with cerebral palsy is communicated in South African school settings.

Nilsson, S., Johnson, E., & Adolfsson, M. Pain management of learners with cerebral palsy in South African school settings: Traditions and visions.

Naude, T., Dada, S., & Bornman, J. The effect of a mathematical-aided language stimulation program on subtraction word-problem solving of children with intellectual disabilities.

Pettit, L.K., Tönsing, K.M., & Dada, S. The perspectives of adults with aphasia and their team members regarding the importance of ICF domains for rehabilitation.

Chapters in books

Bornman, J., & Tönsing, K.M. (accepted). Augmentative and Alternative Communication. In E. Landsberg, D. Küger, & E. Swart (Eds.), Addressing barriers to learning: A South African perspective.

Bornman, J. (2014). Accessing justice via key role players: A view from South Africa. In D.N. Bryen, & J. Bornman, Stop violence against people with disabilities. An international resource (pp. 41-82). Pretoria University Law Press: Pretoria.

Bryen, D.N., & Moolman, E. (2014). Mobile Phone Technology for ALL: Towards Reducing the Digital Divide. In Z. Yan (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Mobile Phone Behaviour (Volumes 1, 2, & 3). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Mophosho. M., & Dada, S. (2014). Role of Speech-language pathologists in implementing AAC in schools. In S. Moonsamy and H. Kathard (Eds.), Speech-Language Therapy in a School Context: Its Principles and Practices: Van Schaik.

Bryen, D.N., Reiter, S., & Bornman, J. (2014). Using lessons learnt to inform the future. In D.N. Bryen, & J. Bornman, Stop violence against people with disabilities. An international resource (pp. 179-189). Pretoria University Law Press: Pretoria.


Bryen, D.N., & Bornman, J. (Eds). (2014) Stop violence against people with disabilities. An international resource. Pretoria University Law Press. Pretoria.

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