INVITATION: Artificial Intelligence, Human Integrity and Education (Public lecture)

  • DATE

    29 March 2023

  • TIME

    19:00 - 20:30


    Centenary Hall, Room 2-10, Theology Building, Hatfield Campus

On behalf of the Department of Systematic and Historical Theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Pretoria, Prof Tanya van Wyk cordially invites you to a public lecture with Dr Marian Gh. Simion.

Topic summary

The public debates on artificial intelligence (AI) have been largely obsessed with polarities ranging from grand dreams of attaining happiness and immortality to dystopian scenarios with an apocalyptic finality. Although AI is nothing more than a set of software components optimized to carry out specific narrow tasks, it has now become part of everyday life. We are very far from achieving the so-called Strong AI, that is, building conscious machines capable of replacing human beings in an existential sense. Yet, the use of AI technology raises ethical questions not only with regard to us being subjected to various networks of control, but more so with regard to human integrity, education, employment, resource distribution, etc. 

About the speaker

Marian Gh. Simion is a social scientist and a religious historian. He holds a Ph.D. in international politics, policy, and law from Northeastern University in Boston, and a post-doctorate in religion and diplomacy from Harvard University. Dr. Simion is a Cambridge University author and has published several books. His teaching experience goes back for almost two decades both in the US and Europe. In the recent past, Dr. Simion taught courses on government at Harvard University, peace ethics at Boston College,religious studies at Hellenic College, and acted as an Honorary Advisor on Foreign Policy at the Parliament of Romania in Bucharest. 

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