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BIRAP is well positioned to support the University’s core functions and planning cycle through the provision of data, analyses and inputs into the processes of planning, assessment and review.

Do not leave inferences to be made when evidence can be presented

—Richard Wright (1908 - 1960)

Welcome to BIRAP

BIRAP’s core functions are to:

  • Provide strategic planning support to UP’s leadership.
  • Develop measures for steering the University towards attaining its goals.
  • Prepare planning and performance reports for the executive.
  • Develop enrolment plans within the framework of the UP 2025 plan.
  • Undertake targeted institutional research projects.
  • Maintain and refine an undergraduate tuition fee model.
  • Develop costing models in support of feasibility analysis and scenario evaluations.
  • Support and manage surveys at UP and maintain UP’s survey register.
  • Provide scheduled and ad hoc management information reports.
  • Develop and maintain a data warehouse and dashboards.
  • Manage the HEMIS student office and ensure timeous submissions.
  • Liaise with institutional stakeholders.


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