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Who and what are we?

The HK consists of 9 members, randomly selected and voted for by the students of BCur each year. People of any year group are allowed to nominate him/herself for a specific portfolio. To be on the HK is not just to be in a leadership position, a person needs to work hard, be creative and be involved in all aspects of the chosen portfolio.

We as HK members serve as a liaison between the Nursing Department and the students. Important events and information is given through to the HK and then to each student. It serves to promote communication between lecturers and students. The HK also serves as a marketing tool for the Department, where we are involved in the welcoming day activities, sending out information brochures and also keep up the image of the BCur House.

We also dominate as a House of the University of Pretoria, where we compete in sport activities with other residencies of the University. We organize socials throughout the year to relieve academic pressure off the students and to have a little fun once in a while.

The most important function of the HK is to be a support system for all year groups, answering all your questions and to be there when you need us most.

To be on the HK is something to be proud of, because you have the opportunity to be part of a caring group of people, where you can further your leadership capabilities and get to know your fellow students better.

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