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The outcome of the Bakeng se Afrika project is the establishment of a digital repository of skeletal images available for use in research and teaching. The University of Pretoria has acquired both the main storage server and buffer server and is in the process of setting up the hardware for the Bakeng se Afrika database. 

Though the digital repository will be available for use for researchers both nationally and internationally, the project functions under strict ethical guidelines and research projects will require ethical approval from institutional committees before being granted access to the repository. 

As of August 2020, 983 scans have been conducted and collected, consisting of 295 crania, 416 mandibles, 147 maxillae, 16 femora, 36 radii, 33 ribs and 40 vertebrae. The distribution across institutions are as follows:

University of Pretoria: 686 scans in total.

  • 183 crania, 386 mandibles, 117 maxillae.
  • 292 new scans specifically for BsA: 119 crania, 56 mandibles, 117 maxillae.
  • 394 collected scans available from previous projects: 64 crania and 330 mandibles. 

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University: 176 scans in total.

  • 64 crania, 30 mandibles, 30 maxillae, 16 femora, 36 radii.

Stellenbosch University: 121 scans in total.

  • 48 crania, 33 ribs, 40 vertebrae.
Published by Clarisa van der Merwe

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