Just a few things regarding the gautrain that might be handy:

1.The Gautrain station at the Airport, is two levels above the Terminal A Arrivals and one level above the Terminal A Departures. 

Access is via a lift from either the ground (Terminal A Arrivals) or first level (Terminal A Departures), as well as an escalator on the first level (Terminal A Departures) opposite the KFC outlet.  There is directions at the Airport itself.

2. Before you can actually hop onto the train you will have to purchase a Gautrain gold card, you buy them directly from the ticket offices or at the gautrain vending machines, for R13.

3. When you buy the card, you also pay for, and load, whatever amount of credit you choose, onto the card.

4. Load around R300 onto your card as this should be sufficient to take you all the way to Hatfield Station and you will be able to use the Gautrain busses, a single fare from the airport to Hatfield is R155.

5. You can register your Gautrain Gold Card at a ticket office, you will need your Passport for that. 

6. For the commuting: From the OR Tambo station you travel until you reach the Marlboro station. At the Marlboro Station you get off the train, and take the next train to Pretoria (make sure it is the North-South Commuter) and travel until you reach the Hatfield Station after Pretoria Station.

7. At the Hatfield station you may walk or take a taxi to your hotel.


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