Role of 3D modelling in heritage studies and bioengineering

Day 4: Thursday 15 October 2015

Hatfield campus, University of Pretoria.

This day will be devoted to the role of 3D modelling in heritage studies, archaeology and geology at the University of Pretoria and in France. The involvement of bioengineering in cochlea implants and mechanical engineering for analysis of human structure will be presented as well. This session will be CPD accredited. The day ends with a farewell lunch where the way forward will be considered.





The full detailed programme:

Venue : Agriculture Annexe, Room 2-19, University of Pretoria, C/- Lynnwood Road and Roper Street, Hatfield






08: 00

Morning coffee

08: 30

3D imaging of great Zimbabwean ruins  

Prof Innocent Pikiyari,  HOD

and Ms. Tendai Musindo

Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

Prof Chris Boonzaaier


09: 00

Tangible cultural heritage in Africa



Prof Chris Boonzaaier and

Dr. Britt Baillie

Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

09: 20

3D Documentation of Africa's Heritage

Prof Heinz Ruther

Division of Geomatics (APG)

University of Cape Town

10: 00


10: 30

3D modelling in the cradle of humankind

Dr. Laurent Bruxelles


Prof Jose Braga


10: 45

Hydrogeology and Casts

Dr. Benjamin Lans


University of Bordeaux,

11: 00

3D data in GIS


Guillaume Sueur

Manager, Neogeo Technologies

11: 15

Evaluating procedural modeling for 3D models of informal settlements in urban design activities

Victoria Rautenbach

Prof Serena Coetzee

Centre of Geo-informatic Sciences

11: 30

Geometric parameter extraction from 3D imaging for computational modelling of user-variance in live cochleae

Prof Tania Hanekom Bioengineering


Dr. Anna Oettlé

11: 45

Visualisation of the macro and micro structure of the human cochlea and its application in cochlear implant research.

Riaze Asvat

Lecturer: Department of Anatomy UP

12: 00

Disproportionate Cochlear Length in Genus Homo Shows a High Phylogenetic Signal during Apes’ Hearing Evolution

Prof José Braga

12: 15

Finite analysis perspectives

Prof Schalk Kok, UP: Mechanical and Aeronautic Engineering

12: 30

Registration based strategy for the reconstruction of mandibles from full or partial craniums to assist forensics

Roelof Schoeman MIng student of Prof Schalk Kok and Dr Nico Wilke , UP: Mechanical and Aeronautic Engineering

13: 00

Farewell luncheon RSC Conference venue, University of Pretoria

Closing remarks by Prof Jose Braga – and the way forward



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