Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate studies in the Department are expected to contribute to one of its three research focus area: enviromental potential, heritage and cultural landscapes or human setttlements and urbanism. The Department is committed to research that is internationally recognised and locally relevant, bridges theory and practice, grows the understanding of the field, and is in service of society.

The Department offers the following Postgraduate Programmes:


  • BArchHons (Architecture) 
  • BScHons Applied Science Architecture
  • MArch (Architecture) 
  • MArch (Professional) (Architecture)
  •  MSc Applied Science Architecture (Coursework)
  • PhD Architecture

Interior Architecture

  • BIArchHons (Interior architecture)
  • MIntArch (Interior architecture) 
  • MIntArch (Professional) (Interior architecture)
  • PhD Interior Architecture

Landscape Architecture

  • BLArchHons (Landscape architecture)
  • MLArch (Landscape architecture) 
  • MLArch (Professional) (Landscape architecture)
  • PhD Landscape Architecture
Alumni of the Department are design thinkers. This is an increasingly valued skill in the business world. Honours graduates can register as senior candidate technologists or interior designers. To be a professional architect, interior architect or landscape architect, one must obtain the professional master’s degree in one’s chosen field. This is followed by a professional exam for which practical experience is required. Graduates can then register with the relevant professional or statutory bodies. Postgraduate qualifications are also a cardinal part of the pathway to academia.  EBIT’s Department of Architecture focuses on the design and realisation of meaningful environments for users across varying scales. It houses researchers in the complementary fields of architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture who understand the unique synergy of the three fields, and approach these with a respect for both the landscape and cultural context.


  • Environmental potential

  •  Heritage and cultural landscapes

  •  Human settlements and urbanism




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