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Dr C Visser

Teaching focus: General animal science and animal breeding - focus on applied animal breeding

Research focus: The genetic improvement of small-stock, mainly using molecular techniques. Current projects include:Increasing genetic progress in SA Angora goats through improved pedigree integrity; Genetic diversity in South African dairy goats; Investigating the polymorphicity of the KAP8 gene in SA Angora goats; Verification of the 50k Goat SNP chip in the SA Angora goat; The effect of dietary energy on the reproductive development of Land in goats in Mozambique.

Community involvement: Vice-president of the International Goat Association

Registered as a Professional Animal Scientist at SACNASP

Board member of the SASAS Northern branch

Publications 2015: van Marle-Koster E, Visser C, Makgahlela M, Cloete S. Genomic technologies for food security: A review of challenges and opportunities in Southern Africa. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 76, 971-979.

Bosman L, van MarleKoster E, Visser C. Genetic diversity of South African dairy goats for genetic management and improvement. SMALL RUMINANT RESEARCH, 123, 224–231.

Garritsen C, van MarleKoster E, Snyman M, Visser C. The impact of DNA parentage verification on breeding value estimation in South African Angora goats. SMALL RUMINANT RESEARCH, 124, 30–37.

Lashmar SF, Visser C, van Marle-Koster E. Validation of the 50k Illumina goat SNP chip in the South African Angora goat. SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 45, 1, 56-59.

Mostert BE, van Marle-Koster E, Visser C, Oosthuizen MC. Genetic analysis of pre-weaning survival and inbreeding in the Boxer dog breed of South Africa. SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 45, 5

Tel: +27 12 420 3268

Fax: +27 12 420 3290

Email: [email protected]

Room 11-14

Agriculture building

Main Campus

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