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Head of department (HOD) : Prof E van Marle-Koster

Teaching focus: Livestock breeding & genetics

Current Research focus: Application of genomics in livestock species. Focus on conservation and utilization of indigenous livestock species for sustainable breeding and production. Research project include both beef and dairy cattle. 

Community outreach: Serve on the Beef Genomic Program subcommittee for research and Coordinator of the Dairy Research program(DGP).

Recent publications

Makina, S.O., Taylor,J., Van Marle-Köster, E., Muchadeyi,F.C., Makgahlela, M., MacNeil, M.D. & Maiwashe, A. 2015 Extent of linkage disequilibrium and effective population size in four South African Sanga cattle breeds.  Frontiers in Genetics, Section Livestock Genomics.6 1-12.

Sanarana, Y., Visser, C., Bosman, L., Nephawe, K., Maiwashe, A. & van Marle-Köster, E. 2016. Genetic diversity in South African Nguni cattle ecotypes based on microsatellite markers. Trop. Health and Anim. Prod. 48, 2,  379-385

Greyvenstein, O.F.C., Reich, C.M., van Marle-Köster, E., Riley, D.G. & Hayes, B.J. 2016. Polyceraty (multi-horns) in Damara sheep maps to ovine Chromosome 2. Animal Genetics. D010.1111/age.12411

Lashmar, S.F., Visser, C & van Marle-Köster, E. 2016. SNP based genetic diversity of South African commercial dairy and fibre goat breeds. Small Ruminant research, 136, 65-71

Malatji, D.P., Tsotetsi, A.M., van Marle-Köster, E. & Muchadeyi, F. C. 2016. Population genetic structure of Ascaridia Galli of extensively raised chickens of South Africa. Vet. Parasit.  216, 89-92

Dikeledi P Malatji, Anna M Tsotetsi, Este van Marle-Köster, Farai C Muchadeyi.  2016. A description of village chicken production systems and prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in low input chicken farming systems of Limpopo and Kwazulu-natal provinces of South Africa. Onderstepoort J Vet Res. 2219-0635 Online

Abin, S A, H.E. Theron & E. van Marle-Köster. 2016. Population structure and genetic trends for indigenous African beef cattle breeds in South Africa. S Afr. J. Anim. Sci.  46, 2.

Visser, C., Lashmar, S., Van Marle-Köster,E., Poli,M.A., & Allain, D. 2016. Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in South African, French and Argentinian Angora Goats from Genome-wide SNP Data. PLos One 11:5

Makina, S.O., Whitacre, L.K., Decker, J.E., Taylor, J.F., MacNeil, M.D., Scholtz, M.M., Marle-Köster, E., Muchadeyi, F.C., Makgahlela, M.L. & Maiwashe, A., 2016. Insight into the genetic composition of South African Sanga cattle using SNP data from cattle breeds worldwide. Genetics Selection Evolution. 48, 88.

Zwane, A.A., Maiwashe, A., Makgahlela, M.L., Choudhury, A., Taylor, J.F. & van Marle-Köster, E., 2016. Genome-wide identification of breed-informative single-nucleotide polymorphisms in three South African indigenous cattle breeds. South African Journal of Animal Science. 46, 302-312.

Grobler, R., Visser, C., Chessa, S. & van Marle-Köster, E. 2017 Genetic polymorphism of CSN1S2 in South African dairy goat populations. S A J. Anim. Sci. 47, 72 – 78.

Andrews, M., Visser, C. & van Marle-Köster, E., 2017. Identification of novel variants for KAP 1.1, KAP 8.1 and KAP 13.3 in South African goats. Small Ruminant Research. 149,176-180.

Bosman, L., van Marle-Köster, E., van der Westhuizen, R.R., Visser, C. & Berry, D.P., 2017. Short communication: Population structure of the South African Bonsmara beef breed using high density single nucleotide polymorphism genotypes. Livestock Science197, pp.102-105.

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