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Clubs and Interest Groups

Various social, cultural and sport clubs and special interest groups are affiliated to the Alumni Relations Office. Membership of these clubs is open to all alumni according to the guidelines in the constitution of each club. Membership fees are payable as stipulated by the particular club committee annually.


TuksClub 60+

This is a club for the alumni who are 60 years or older. We host monthly lunches at which interesting talks are presented and then there is also the very popular annual visit to the Kruger National Park. There is also a special event for the 80+ alumni.

For more information, please phone Henriette Minnaar at 012 420 3980 or email her at [email protected].


Rugby Club

For more information, please phone Henriette Minnaar at 012 420 3980 or email her at [email protected].



The Pahama Club is a newly established Alumni Club that focuses on networking and supporting disadvantaged students. For more information, please phone Jacqui Pietersen at 012 420 3702 or email her at  [email protected].


TuksAlumni Golf Club

This club is a club for the golf enthusiast alumni. We compete against similar clubs from other universities.

For more information, please phone Henriette Minnaar at 012 420 3980 or email her at [email protected].


The following interest group is affiliated:


Younger alumni are an important group within the broader alumni body. The Alumni Relations Office presents from time to time specific activities for alumni between 20 to 35 years of age. Younger alumni can also join our existing alumni activities which tend to draw younger persons. Examples are the AmaTuks soccer supporters, participation in marathons, golf, music evenings and wine-tasting.  Other activities such as our business breakfasts and guest lectures in faculties and departments have a more academic or career orientated content which can also be useful.

The Alumni Relations Office builds relationships with students from their first year while they are still on campus. This ensures that they know exactly what it takes to be an alumnus or alumna when they obtain their qualification and become young alumni. The Young Alumni and Student Committee (YASCOM) assists Alumni Relations to promote the role of active, participating alumni amongst students and young alumni /postgraduate students. The committee also plays a role in promoting a culture of giving amongst pre-alumni.

We welcome suggestions from students and young alumni alike. Contact Jacqui Pietersen, tel. 012 420 3702 or email  [email protected] with your bright ideas on alumni activities that may appeal to you and other young alumni.






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