Our Department boasts an array of annual publications in various fields including agricultural policy, rural development, agribusiness management, institutional economics, food security, production economics, and environmental economics.


2018 Publications

Agimass, F., Lundhede, T., Panduro, T. and Jacobsen, J. (2018). The choice of forest site for recreation: A revealed preference analysis using spatial data. Ecosystem Services, 31, pp.445-454.

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2017 Publications

M der Merwe, JF Kirsten, JH Trienekens. 2017. Information sharing as a safeguard against the opportunistic behavior of South African Karoo Lamb farmers. Agricultural Economics 48 (S1), 101-111.

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2016 Publications

J Kirsten, C Machethe, T Ndlovu, P Lubambo. 2016. Performance of land reform projects in the North West province of South Africa: Changes over time and possible causes. Development Southern Africa 33 (4), 442-458

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2015 Publications

JD Kabasa, J Kirsten, I Minde. 2015. Implications of changing agri-food system structure for agricultural education and training in Sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies 5 (2), 190-199.

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2014 Publications

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2013 Publications

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2012 Publications

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