Student Governance

In terms of the current Constitution for Student Governance, as approved by Council in 2010, the student governance system at the University comprises of a two-tier constituency-based model which consists of the

  • Student Parliament; and
  • Student Representative Council.

 The constituencies represented in student governance are:

  • nine faculty constituencies – one per faculty
  • residence constituency
  • day student constituency
  • society constituency

Students are elected in these constituencies to serve on the Student Parliament, which is the larger of the two bodies in the two-tier system. The Student Parliament provides the broadest platform for student representation and determines the agenda for student governance on an annual basis.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is elected by and from the ranks of the Student Parliament. It is responsible for the day-to-day administration of student governance and nominates student representatives to serve on various University committees.

An independent electoral committee oversees the annual election processes. All registered students qualify to vote in the election of the Student Parliament, which is held according to voter’s rolls in the various constituencies. Students who wish to serve on the Student Parliament must make themselves available as candidates in the election and must meet certain minimum requirements as set out in the Constitution for Student Governance.

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