Campus Enterprises 

The University’s scope of activities does not only include formal teaching, learning and research, but also offers continuing education programmes, support in contract research and consulting, sport, commercialisation of research and venture fund investments. It is clear that many of these activities are best pursued through a system of campus companies, rather than through the University itself. Very often a campus company is also an appropriate vehicle for co-operative ventures.

A structure for campus enterprises was established in 2000 to enable the University to position itself as a leader in the fields of contract research, training and consulting, thereby facilitating and enhancing its interaction with the private and public sector. In the process additional income is generated for the University and its staff members.

Several campus companies have since been established to perform some of the University’s business functions and to act as instruments in managing the University’s interest in its alliances. Some are wholly owned by the University, such as those responsible for continuing education and consultation. Other companies are partly owned, such as those tasked with the commercialisation of intellectual property.

The campus companies support the University’s vision and mission and must adhere to the University’s quality requirements. The governance and management structures and delegations of these campus companies are aligned with those of the University.

Enterprises University of Pretoria is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the commercial activities of the University of Pretoria. Among others, the University wholly owns TuksSport (Pty) Ltd (High Performance Centre – hpc).


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