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How do I avoid plagiarism?

  • Only hand in your own and original work.
  • Indicate precisely and accurately when you have used information provided by someone else, i.e. referencing must be done in accordance with a recognised system.
  • Indicate whether you have downloaded information from the Internet.
  • Never use someone else’s electronic storage media, artwork, pictures or graphics as if it were your own.
  • Never allow other students to use or copy from your work and present it as their own.
  • Never copy directly without crediting the source.
  • Do not translate without crediting the source.
  • Do not paraphrase someone else’s work without crediting the source.
  • Do not piece together sections of the work of others into a new whole. 
  • Do not resubmit your own or another’s previously graded work.
  • Do not commit collusion (unauthorised collaboration, presenting work as one’s own independent work, when it has been produced in whole or in part in conjunction with other people).
  • Ghost-writing – you should not make use of ghost writers or professional agencies in the production of your work, or submit material which has been written on your behalf.


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