Why learn about plagiarism?

Because you want to do your best work and you want it to be your own work!

If you are like most students, you want credit for what you have done, not for what someone else has done. By learning how to manage and properly cite resource material in a research paper your reader will be able to make a clear distinction between your work and that of your sources and will help you avoid plagiarism.

Because an act of plagiarism committed by students or staff would put the University's academic integrity at risk!

The University is concerned about plagiarism, not out of vindictiveness or suspicion, but because it is the University's responsibility to ensure the academic integrity of all its activities in order to uphold its reputation and the reputation of past, present and future students.

Because avoiding plagiarism is serious business!

Ironically, some honest and hardworking students plagiarise out of ignorance. They are not familiar with citation and referencing techniques. However, unintentional plagiarism remains an offence. Therefore you cannot expect the University to accept a claim of 'not intending to commit plagiarism' as an excuse for the act.

Because the consequences for failing to give credit are high!

Students who plagiarise may forfeit all marks for an assignment, may fail the module in which they committed plagiarism, or may be suspended or permanently expelled from the University.


Do we have your attention? This webpage is no quick fix, but it will certainly get you thinking!



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