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What is Sport Psychology?

Sport Psychology uses psychological principles to assist athletes in achieving their best performance. Sport Psychology may assist athletes on two different levels:

On one level athletes may request performance enhancement - here the focus would be to assist the individual to self-actualise within the sport environment. This could focus on addressing fear of failure, dealing with injury, fear of re-injury, self-confidence, dealing with pressure and the termination of the athletic career to name a few.

Sport Psychology may, on a different level, also assist athletes who present with difficulties in other contexts of their lives, for example, interpersonal relationships, adjustment difficulties, trauma, grief, anxiety and depression which has a detrimental impact on their athletic performance.


What can you expect from an appointment with a Sport Psychologist?

When consulting with a Sport Psychologist you can expect to feel heard and understood within a non-judgemental environment. The Sport Psychologist will meet you where you are and on your level and formulate a therapeutic intervention catered to suit your needs. The majority of athletes express feeling relieved and hopeful after consulting with a sport psychologist.




BA (HMS); Hons. Psychology; MA Counselling Psychology (Specialisation in Sport) Cum Laude

Areas of specialisation: Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Football, pre-performance routines, scompetitive anxiety, improving concentration, mindfulness and reflection in competitive environments.




MA Counselling Psychology; BA (Hons) Psychology; BA (HMS)

Areas of specialisation: Shaun’s passion lies in the understanding of group dynamics, and the effects they have on performance, whilst combining mental processes to enhance the performances of individuals and teams alike. Shaun also has a passion for working with individuals aiming to learn and empower themselves to perform to their potential mentally. Shaun specialises in working with individuals and teams performing in multiple sporting codes.



To make an appointment to see one of our Psychologists please contact:

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