More than a home away from home

Due to Transformation, our house was requireed to change its name from INCA to IKAGENG. The name Ikageng Translates to "Build Yourself" in Setswana/Sepedi which does not deviate from the previous name.  The acronym INCA stands for Incredible, Notable, Confident and Admirable, and the mission behind IKAGENG is to build ladies of all the above mentioned qualities and more.

We are ladies in Blue and red with LIBBY, the ladybug,as our mascot. The ladybug has a significance; so small yet so important to our ecosystem. Libby symbolises good luck and good fortune. It is our tradition as ladies of Ikageng to greet, be polite and just like our mascot we tend to reveal our beauty we build toward our goals.


We are a ladies residence that abides by its value:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Commitment
  • Pride in what our residence stands for.
  • Empathy


Our values encourage responsible behaviour, support an appropriate study culture within the residence and even with such vast diversity in the residence, our values help create the remarkable sisterhood that is built in our daily value adding traditions and strengthened in our fun house activities.

Our residence has been a part of Tuks Res since 2001 and has since been a growing residence with good racial integration and an impressive Orientation Programme. We create a platform for student life to be both educationally beneficial and socially enjoyable.


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