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29 March 2019

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Important Dates
Conference Duration
30 July 2019 00:00 - 1 August 2019 00:00
1 April 2019 - 22 July 2019 [CLOSED]
Sunitha Kissoon (MOMR) and Taneshka Kruger (UP ISMC)
Contact Email
[email protected]
Contact Number
+27 31 203 4852 and +27 12 319 2381
  • Case management and co-infection
  • Education and health promotion
  • Epidemiology - Modeling towards elimination (mathematical, GIS, climate, etc.)
  • Parasite biology, control, transmission blocking and gametocyte studies
  • Pharmacology, drug efficacy, discovery and development
  • Phytomedicine and bioprospecting
  • Regional malaria and cross-border issues affecting elimination
  • Residual malaria, reintroduction, vivax malaria and co-infectionResidual malaria, reintroduction, vivax malaria and co-infection
  • Surveillance (vector, parasite, resistance)
  • Vector biology, control and IVM
  • Research capacity and strengthening
  • Resource allocation and advocacy
  • Social and health economics