Curriculum transformation matters: The decolonial turn
24 February 2017

Prof Norman Duncan, Vice-Principal: Academic at the University of Pretoria, cordially invites you to a public lecture on transformation with the title Decolonising the Curriculum: Justice, Humanisation and Healing through Education, presented by Ms Lovelyn Nwadeyi.

UP students looking for accommodation
16 February 2017

The Temporary Student Committee, through the University, can assist students who applied for student accommodation but have not yet been placed. The accommodation includes places in UP residences that become available on a continuous basis or places at accredited accommodation providers. Click on 'Find out more' for additional information in this regard.

Important accommodation information for all UP students
14 February 2017

According to reports, there are a number of registered UP students who claim to be in need of a place to stay. University accommodation is limited, but the University is able to accommodate approximately 15% of the UP student population in UP-owned residences, leased accommodation and accredited spaces. Click on 'Find out more' for additional information in this regard.

Important registration information for all UP students
08 February 2017

Students who are not yet registered are advised to do so as soon as possible. Registration support services will continue at the UP Sports Campus until 17 February 2017. Click on 'Find out more' for information that could be of use where students experience difficulties in this regard.

Important information regarding access to the Hatfield Campus
06 February 2017

As we start the new academic year with classes resuming on 6 February 2017, we want to provide you with the necessary information to make your arrival on campus as smooth as possible. Please click on the 'Find out more' link below for important information regarding access to the Hatfield Campus.

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