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Expansion Years 1948 - 1982

Historic Overview

-1948 National Party elected

-1950s Promulgation of Apartheid legislation

-1960 Sharpeville massacre

-1961 Republic of South Africa

-1966 H.F. Verwoerd assassinated

-1976 Soweto riots

-1982 SANSO reports – restructuring of higher education

This period is characterized by the physical growth and expansion of the University of Pretoria. Between 1948 and 1982 student numbers doubled. This increase in student numbers necessitated the physical expansion of the campus and new buildings appeared in rapid succession and the campus grew eastward.

- New Arts Building 1951

- The Aula 1958

- Heavy Machinery Laboratory 1959

- Architecture Building 1960

- Extra-mural Building, Proes Street 1960

- Music Complex, Musaion &Amphitheatre 1960-1964

- Basic Medical Sciences (BMW) 1967

- Administration Building 1968

- Agriculture Building 1972

- Engineering Tower 1975

- New Merensky Library 1976

- Human Sciences Building 1977

- Education-Law Building 1981

This growth was accompanied by the increase and modernisation of academic and support facilities

- Electron Microscope 1971

- Oral Hygiene Diploma 1972

- Department of Audio-Visual Services 1976

- Upgrade of the Computer Mainframe 1976

With the growing number of students, student activities flourished with events such as Rag, Intervarsity and Spring Day being strongly supported.
Parades through the streets of Pretoria, with drum majorettes and beauty queens, added an element of fun and colour to city life.  

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