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Women in Science Awards 2011


Prof Jolanda Roux

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)

Winner: Life, Natural and Engineering Sciences in the category 'Distinguished Young Women in Science Award'

Prof Jolanda Roux from UP’s Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) was honoured for her research on the health of trees which focuses strongly on fungi and bacteria resulting in disease and death of trees. Most of the research has been focused on the diseases of the commercial plantation forestry species in South Africa and other African countries, namely Acacia mearnsii, Eucalyptus spp. and Pinus spp.

Prof Roux recently received the Queen’s Award from the Commonwealth Forestry Association for her contribution to Forestry. She is a C1-rated researcher from the NRF.

Tree health management is strongly dependant on collaboration between countries and a knowledge of the pests and diseases occurring in a country. Through collaboration with other African countries her team is trying to improve our capacity for tree disease management on the African continent. This is being done through regular survey and research visits to other countries and the training of post-graduate students from other African countries.


Prof Namrita Lall

Department of Plant Science

Winner: Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the category 'Distinguished Young Women in Science Award'

Prof Namrita Lall is an associate professor in the Department of Plant Science (Medicinal Plant Science). She was honoured for her contribution is the scientific validation of the use of South African plants for medicines and cosmetics. She has also initiated research projects on cosmeceuticals, tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer, using medicinal plants.

Namrita is the module leader of three modules compulsory for Medicinal Plant Science (Option) degree, which is being offered at postgraduate level. Prof Lall currently holds a C2-rating from the NRF.

Her research interests and current research projects include researching anti-tuberculosis leads from medicinal plants and cytotoxicity of plant extracts/compounds, anticancer activity of medicinal plants, the development of cosmeceuticals for combating periodontal diseases and identifying samples with  anti-tyrosinase (prevent Skin pigmentation) and anti-acne activity from natural resources.


Prof Fhumulani Mulaudzi

Department of Nursing Science

First Runner-Up: Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the category 'Distinguished Young Women in Science Award'

Prof Fhumulani Mulaudzi was acknowledged for her contribution to the advancement of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in health care. Prof. Mulaudzi is currently the Head of the Department of Nursing Science at the University of Pretoria.

Prof. Mulaudzi has chosen IKS as her research focus and has contributed significantly to the advancement of IKS in health care. She has been instrumental in assisting in the development of the international Bamboo Bridge community. The Bamboo Bridge community is an international community of nurses dedicated to the development of integrative nursing practice, scholarship, and community programmes based on a philosophical foundation of cultural diplomacy and a call to improve the understanding of indigenous knowledge systems.

Prof. Mulaudzi is one of the founder members of the Academy of Nursing of South Africa.


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