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SARChI Chair of Complex Systems

Prof. P.A. Selyshchev

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences 

Prof. Selyshchev’s  specialization is in theoretical physics, specifically  complex non-linear systems and their evolution. He focuses on kinetic non-linear processes in materials under irradiation and has developed a theoretical approach to the self-organization phenomena in irradiated materials. Research foci are temporal and spatial self-organization of defect density under irradiation, dimensional changes in irradiated materials as dissipative structures and different kinds of interactions  as mechanisms of dissipative structure formation (eg force interaction between defects, thermo-concentration and thermo-elastic interdependence). 

Prof. Selyshchev was also involved as a theoretician in the development of post-Chernobyl strategies.

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Tel: +27 12 420 2455
Email: [email protected]

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