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“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.”
— Scott Allen

Project Management at GSTM

Project Management

Project Management has become the fastest growing form of management. Globally projects, and the effective management thereof, form the basis of many a growing economy. With accelerated change in the business, technology, environmental and socio-economic spheres of society, the importance of realising project benefits faster have become inevitable. Developing countries need the effective management of all kinds of projects to even a greater degree than developed economies do.

Project Management is widely hailed as the “lynchpin of organisational success” and the “number one career choice”. One of the reasons for this high regard is that the tools, techniques and paradigms unique to Project Management, provide the capacity to deal effectively with the constraints of time, capital and customer expectations. Project Managers are exposed to all functional aspects of the organisation, being it human resources, technical, financial, administration and all levels of management. This exposure also prepares them for positions as general managers.

Project Management has its roots in engineering and business and almost every person in any organisation are involved in projects at one stage or the other. Some however choose to make Project Management the central focus of their careers, becoming the managers of various projects, programmes or portfolios of projects.





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