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Protest Action: Latest Information Sunday, 17 January 2016
17 January 2016

This is a further update on developments related to the protest demand for the insourcing of contract workers.

After resolving disputes related to the composition of the University’s Commission on insourcing, there was a lengthy meeting on Saturday 16 January.  Unfortunately, no agreement was reached.

The protesters have demanded immediate insourcing of all contract workers and a minimum salary of R10 000 per month. The University tabled a proposed phased approach to the insourcing of services linked to the expiry of existing contracts and in the interim has agreed to a “top up” of existing salaries.  This is in line with similar agreements at several other universities such as Wits and UJ.  Regrettably, this was rejected by the worker representatives and student representatives.

There are several complex issues to be considered including the fact that the University has long-term legal contracts with service providers and should these be cancelled, there would be significant financial penalties.

Nonetheless, we remain committed to continuing with the Commission on insourcing and a further meeting of the Commission has been scheduled.

Since access to the entrances to the University is being impeded by protest action and threats of intimidation and violence continue, the University will remain closed.  Online registration continues and we are communicating directly with parents and students. Staff and student portals are to be consulted for updates.




- Author Department of University Relations
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