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If you want to change your study programme or want to add another programme-  


1. Change/ Add programme

  • Ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements of the study programme.
  • Please send email to [email protected] to request change or addition of a study programme.



2. Study information

  • Minimum requirements for study programmes
  • Career opportunities
  • Study programme information
  • Faculty information
  • Fact Finder (facts A-Z).



3. Calculate your Admission Point Score (APS)

  • Make use of the electronic APS calculator.
  • Note that Life Orientation (LO) is not taken into consideration when calculating the APS.



4. Closing dates

  • Closing dates of study programmes for applicants applying for admission in 2018.



5. Fees and Funding

  • Reservation fees:
    • for tuition
    • for residence placement
  • Undergraduate cost estimator
  • Financial aid:
    • bursaries
    • loans
    • awards



6. Special offer for top academic achievers

  • Prospective students with an average percentage of 75% and more can qualify for this special offer.



7. National Benchmark Test (NBT)


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