The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.
— Confucius

Information for undergraduate prospective students

Please follow the following steps before you apply -


1. Study information

  • Minimum requirements for programmes
  • Career opportunities
  • Programme information
  • Faculty information
  • Fact Finder (facts A-Z).



2. Closing dates

  • Closing dates of programmes for applicants applying for admission in 2018.



3. Fees and Funding

  • Reservation fees:
    • for tuition
    • for residence placement
  • Undergraduate cost estimator
  • Financial aid:
    • bursaries
    • loans
    • awards



4. Special offer for top academic achievers

  • Prospective students with an average percentage of 75% and higher may qualify for this special offer.



5. Apply at Tuks

  • Applications open on 1 March of the year preceding studies.
  • Apply online or download an application form.

The following is required to apply:

  • a copy of your ID.
  • a copy of your Grade 11 final school report.
  • R300 application fee.



6. Change/ Add programme

  • Ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements of the programme.
  • Please send email to to request change or addition of a programme.



7. National Benchmark Test (NBT)

  • Compulsory for selected programmes.
  • Visit the NBT website at to register for the NBT.
  • Refer to faculty brochures. See Study information (step one).
  • Health- and Veterinary Sciences applicants must write the NBT on or before 11 July 2016



8. Application status

  • UP Student Portal Login
  • Accept/Decline admission offer.
  • How to complete your online contract



9. Prepare to study at Tuks

  • The JuniorTukkie Club prepares you for studies at Tuks.
  • JuniorTukkie.


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