"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit."
— Stefan Banach

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is not only one of the largest departments on the Hatfield Campus, but also one of the largest Mathematics departments in the country. It grew from its humble beginnings in 1913, with only 38 students, to one with more than 20 000 students enrolled for mathematics modules. The diverse and competent staff corps boasts expertise in a variety of fields. The Department prides itself in excelling in both its teaching and research activities as well in community based activities.

Physically, the Department is situated on the western side of the campus of the University of Pretoria. The building has a classical old-time character surrounding a quad where the bustle of students adds vibrancy. A newer feature is an enclosed garden that provides a popular venue for outdoor functions. The singular environment is complemented by a tangible academic atmosphere.

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