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There is widespread concern about the standard of law students’ writing skills in South Africa.

The Faculty of Law has decided to take active steps to improve these skills by establishing a Language Centre, which is open to all law students. And as a significant step, the Pro Bono Committee of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces has decided to recognise the involvement of lawyers in the Language Centre as pro bono work.
Students who require assistance with regards to their assignments may approach the Language Centre whereby one of the personnel (including supervising attorneys) will examine and give feedback on the assignment concerning issues such as the broad organisation of the assignment, vocabulary, grammar and spelling.
However, the assisting personnel will not pronounce on the legal principles discussed in the assignment as such. The focus of the Language Centre is on improving students’ writing skills and not replacing or supplementing the already existing subject-specific tutor system.
The Language Centre has consultation hours in the mornings and afternoons (weekdays) during the semester.
For more information please visit the Language Centre situated at the Northern side/back entrance to the Law Building.

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