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September 1st - 2nd 2015
— University Conference Centre, UP Hatfield Campus, Pretoria, South Africa

Future of nuclear energy in South Africa

Future of nuclear energy in South Africa

V4 - Africa energy cooperation

V4 - Africa energy cooperation

New Innovative Ideas

New Innovative Ideas

Using candles is not an option for South Africa.

Innovative Energy Workshop


Welcome to Innovative energy workshop website.Here you can find all the latest information about the workshop from key speakers to venue information.


  •  Innovative Ideas for the current South African Energy Crisis - The workshop will bring innovative ideas from all diffrent energy areas:Technological /Engineering innovations, Innovations in industry and economics, as well as innovative policy;
  •  V4 -Africa Energy Cooperation - Lessons and the Way Forward - V4 experts  will  map current approaches in energy sectors of the V4 countries (namely Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland) vis-a-vis sub-Saharan Africa with a view of identifying potential avenues for cooperation. The project aims at introducing V4 region as a strong partner with high level expertise in solving serious energy challenges in South Africa.
  •  Future of Nuclear Energy in South Africa -  Exhange of different views on South African nuclear industry by V4 and South African nuclear experts.

Important news:

Final workshop policy paper: Africa Energy Cooperation – Lessons and the Way Forward:V4 energy policy recommendations

Workshop Photo gallery

Some of the workshop presentations are available online here

Thank you for attending the workshop!!

Follow the webpage for workshop documents, reports and press releases

The workshop will be held under Chatham-house-rule


workshop will:

  •    bring together up to 70 energy experts from various energy sectors from South Africa and overseas
  •    the workshop delegates will be (energy) students, academics, policymakers, thinkers, representatives from goverment, industry and also diplomats
  •   be supported by moderated live-electronic discusions powered by WhatsApp 
  •  give you lot of networking opportunities (with good food and coffee)



The website will be regularly updated in advance of the workshop with the most up to date programme information and the latest news. You can visit our programme updates and learn more about our speakers or find out how to reach us and get top travel tips. Our website will remain live after the workshop so that participants can download a range of media such as speaker presentations, photos and other event materials.

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