'The application of science and knowledge in sport is the journey while success is the goal'

— hpc

high performance centre (hpc)

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The venue of choice for sports professionals and enthusiasts alike.

TuksSport (Pty) Ltd, trading as hpc is the only sporting venue in Southern Africa and Africa that offers a sport school, a sport science centre, full hospitality services, as well as world-class coaching and training facilities in a one-stop-venue.


Message by the CEO




Research has proved that Olympic medals are won at least 8 - 10 years in advance and that high performance is a moving target and methods of producing better results are changing daily. It is also imperative that we understand that “It is not every four years, but every day!” and it is how we live our lives and train on a daily basis that will be the key that will either lead to us performing at the highest level or just being another participant.  

This is what we at the hpc have been working towards since I took over as CEO some nine years ago.  Before the 2012 Olympic Games we were merely thought of as Southern Africa’s first elite performance sports facility as we had not yet had top performances to bench-mark the efficiency of the centre on.  To read more ...


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