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Humanities Faculty Research Themes (FRTs)

Enhancing research capacity in the Humanities through multi-disciplinary team research projects
funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
The key objectives of the FRTs are to:  
  • contribute to the resurgence of the Humanities in South Africa. 
  • enhance research capacity and productivity in the Faculty of Humanities.
  • engender and support multi-disciplinary research in the faculty.
  • foster public intellectual activity as a means of making the products of scholarly endeavours more widely accessible.
  • create greater visibility for the participating projects so as to draw post-graduate students and emerging scholars into the academy.
  • develop an enabling environment for post-graduate students and scholars.
  • strengthen some of the key research thrusts in the faculty.
  • empirically examine the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary team research projects as catalysts for increased research outputs, innovative research and research capacitation in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • lay the basis for the establishment of a Humanities Centre at the University of Pretoria. 


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