External Research Funding and Grant Management Department (RGM)

About Research Grants Management


The Research Grants Management (RGM) Division within the Department of Research and Innovation provides the full spectrum of research support services to UP researchers and their collaborators.


Research Grants Management is responsible to:

  • Assist researchers to apply for research funds
  • Provide administrative grant management support
  • Coordinate institutional applications/ nominations
  • Nominate UP research for prizes and awards


The Research Grants Management Division assists with the following pre- and post-award support services

Pre-award support services

Post-award support services

  1. Identify suitable calls for funding
  2. Prepare budgets for grant applications
  3. Coordinate application inputs from collaborators
  4. Collect supporting documents/ appendices
  5. Arrange UP institutional support letters
  6. Review applications for completeness and compliance
  7. Approve applications on certain online application platforms
  8. Follow up on submitted applications
  1. Prepare institutional audit or compliance forms
  2. Register UP on supplier databases were UP researchers are sub-awardees
  3. Assist with requests for agreements
  4. Assist to create cost centre numbers
  5. Issue invoices, banking letters, etc.
  6. Remind UP researchers of due dates for reports
  7. Ensure compliance with grant conditions
  8. Administrative management of sub-awardees on UP grants


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