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Magrietjie and Mopanie Zoepweek
27 October 2014

Zoepweek is a RAG and cultural based tradition, where a week is dedicated to celebrating the start of the new relationship between the residences, paired as RAG partners, for the forthcoming year. Similarly to a conventional relationship, the aim of Zoepweek is for each residence to “court” one another. The week affords both residences the chance to “woo” each other and provides a great opportunity to create a special bond between both houses and their members.

Magrietjie’s Zoepweek was taken to another level this year, with many spectacular events planned. The week started with tons of fun filled activities such as a great pool party, music, ice cream and water-sports. Tuesday was more relaxed, as a lovely braai was held, with a social afterwards. The ladies of Magrietjie had an early start to their Wednesday, as they took coffee and cookies to the gentlemen of Mopanie and invited them to Magrietjie’s incredibly special, annual “Groot JA”, all before their morning classes. Later that evening, Magrietjie was invited to view Mopanie’s spectacular archive, following the viewing, each residence serenaded the other and a traditional “sleep” took place, where the gentlemen of Mopanie walked the ladies of Magrietjie to the University of Pretoria’s, Residence Prestige Awards. Thursday morning began with Magrietjie being surprised by Mopanie with coffee and breakfast in Magrietjie’s foyer. The day continued with excitement building for the evening’s “Groot JA” festivities.

“Groot JA” is a special tradition, very dear to Magrietjie, as it symbolises the acceptance of Mopanie’s “proposal” to be RAG partners and shows the engagement and commitment of each residence to the other. After sunset, every light in Magritejie’s residence is turned off, except for the strategically selected lights, which are turned pink for the evening, and remain switched on to spell a big “JA”. Ladies then dance in the windows of these rooms of which the lights remain on. From the Magrietjie lawn, all the Magrietjie and Mopanie spectators view the spectacular event. The theme for this year’s “Groot JA” was a traditional Zulu wedding where everybody was dressed according to the theme and traditional Zulu drummers performed on the Magrietjie lawn. The evening was a marvellous cultural experience and a tremendous success.

As Friday marked the end of Zoepweek, both residences headed to Groenkloof, for a hike through the Groenkloof nature reserve. This was a special afternoon surrounded by the natural beauty of nature as everyone reflected on the week that had passed. Although the ladies thought the week had come to an end, the gentlemen of Mopanie surprised them on Sunday evening with another serenade. The ladies walked down to the Blad to find the foyer scattered with rose petals and candles lighting the path outside. After the immense success of Zoepweek, “MagTorro” looks like a force to be reckoned with in the year to come!

- Author Ushenta Naidoo
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