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Maintenance Enquiries

Where do I report faults in my room?
A book is situated at a prominent place in every residence building called "Request or Repair" where all faults can be reported. Registered faults are sent to the relevant contractors for their attention. If you do not report any fault, it cannot be repaired.
Will I get charged for repairs mentioned in 1?
You will not be charged in any way if the fault is due to normal "wear and tear" maintenance. You will, however, be charged if it is found that the breakage occurred due to vandalism caused by you.
Can I hammer nails into the wall etc. to hang my pictures and other items?
Under no circumstances should anyone hammer nails into the wall, anywhere in the room. Any damage, e.g. nails in the walls, paint damaged by double-sided tape or Prestik etc. will be charged to your account to recover the damages.
What utensils and equipment may I have in my room?
  • Personal crockery and cutlery
  • Own curtains (a curtain rail is installed in each room)
  • Fan heater or a 7-fin oil heater
  • Radio
  • Reading lamp
  • Ironing board and electric iron
  • Kettle with 1.5l capacity
  • Two slice pop-up toaster
  • Computer and printer
  • Microwave (max. 23l)
  • Fridge (max. 120l)
  • Study lamp
What utensils and equipment am I not allowed to have in my room? Take Note: The mentioned items will be confiscated.
  • Stove of any kind
  • Electric frying pan and similar items
  • Gas fryers
  • Open bar/element heaters
  • Air conditioning
  • “Snackwich”/electric sandwich makers
Do I have to pay immediately for breakages debited to my account?
Upon being accepted to stay at a University of Pretoria residence, your accommodation fees are added to your student account. Any damages that might be caused by you will be added directly to your student account. Take note: Any outstanding balance on your student account will result in you not getting your final results at the end of the year.
What do I do if something breaks after hours?
An after-hours service is rendered by the University’s Security Services Department that will assist you when you call to report a breakage. They will summons the relevant contractor for the necessary repairs. The 24-hour emergency number: 012 420 2310.
Do I get charged for after hour call-outs?
It depends on the fault reported. Should it be your fault (breakage/vandalism/lost key), you will be charged; should it be wear and tear, you will not be charged.
What are my occupation rights when allocated a room in a residence?
We guarantee, as far as possible, your privacy and wish to create favourable conditions to promote a living, listening and learning environment at your residence. This goes along with
well-maintained residence buildings and support staff to assist you while you stay with us.

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