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Prof Ltz StraussSci-Enza is the oldest interactive Science Centre in South Africa. It was started in 1977 as an open laboratory in the old Physics building by Prof. Lötz Strauss, a professor in the Department of Physics. This open “laboratory” gave students the opportunity to “play” with scientific apparatus in an informal setting.

The Exploratorium, as it was called then, moved to the NW 1 building, and became a popular place to visit for the general public, school learners as well as students.
The Camera Obscura, built on the roof of the Natural Sciences building in 1990, became a major attraction for all visitors to the campus. When the San Francisco Exploratorium trademarked their name, our Exploratorium was renamed to Discovery Centre @TUKS.

Curators from 1977 to 1997
Curators from 1977 to 1997
Ms Rudi Horak, Mr J Mare, Prof Lötz Strauss, Mr P van Veijeren,
Ms Laetitia Cilliers, Ms Ulsa Wasserman, Mr M Rochér

In 2001 the Discovery Centre moved to new, much larger premises in the Technical Services building and became a truly integrated Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) centre. In its new home the Discovery Centre @ TUKS became the base for a number of outreach activities.

Since 2005 the centre also has a new name, Sci-Enza. The name is a combination of the word “science” and the isiZulu word “sebenza”, meaning “work” or “to do”.


Our mission is to make science accessible to learners of all ages in a fun and entertaining way and in doing this raise science awareness.

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