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Research Visits, Conferences and Workshops by Principal Investigators


25 to 30 September Rao Appadu 12th International Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flows, Heat and Mass Transfer ‐ Numerical
Fluids as part of ICNAAM 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
19 Sept to 4 October  Jacek Banasiak University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland
25 Sept to 3 October 2017 Jacek Banasiak University of Heidelberg, Prof A Marciniak‐Czochra and Springer Verlag 
 21, 22 to 25 August 2017 Jacek Banasiak

1st BRICS Mathematics Conference, 22 to 25 August 2017, Beijing and colloquium talk
in the Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Science

3 - 7 July

Jacek Banasiak

Pan African Congress of Mathematicians 2017 at Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco.

25 - 30 June

Roumen Anguelov, Rao Appadu, Michael Chapwanya, Salisu Garba, Jean Lubuma, Rachid Ouifki, Jacek Banasiak, Koffi Agbavon, Kenneth Dukuza, Phindile Dumani, Ayodeji Jejeniwa, Joseph Malinzi, Chibale Mumba, Marnus Stoltz, Yibeltal Terefe,

Annual International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (Biomath 2017) at Skukuza Camp in the Kruger National Park.

 29 May - 2 June Jacek Banasiak  Technical University of Lodz, Poland

20 - 22 April

Jacek Banasiak

XXX Anniversary of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Conference, University of Warsaw

27 Mar- 4 Apr

Jacek Banasiak

University of Warsaw

13 - 22 Mar

Jacek Banasiak

Strathclyde University


28 Nov - 9 Dec

J Banasiak

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,India and International Conference on Recent Advances in Theoretical and Computational Partial Differential Equations with Applications at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

21 - 24 Nov

R Anguelov, R Appadu, J Banasiak, M Chapwanya, S Garba, 

SAMSA, South-Africa

2 - 4 Nov

J Banasiak,G Manicom

SAMS, UWC, Cape Town, South Africa

24 - 25 Oct

Prof J Banasiak

Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of Limpopo, South Africa

15-16 Sept

J Banasiak

 Annual workshop of NITheP (National Institute of Theoretical Physics) Research Associates in Stellenbosch, South Africa

19 - 25 Sep 

R Appadu


5 - 9 Sept

J Banasiak

XXII National Conference: Applications of Mathematics in Biology and Medicine in Kielce,Poland

11 -15 Jul 

J Banasiak

The 10th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB 2016) at the University of Nottingham, UK

3 - 9 July

Y Ahmed

Conference and meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology in Brazil

15 – 17 Jun 

J Banasiak


19 - 25 June

R Anguelov, M Chapwanya, C Dufourd

International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (Biomath 2016) in Blagoevgrad from Bulgaria

3 - 4 June

Y Terefe

13th Annual Conference on Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics (FACM '16) which will be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey

2 - 6 May

J Banasiak

Global change impact on diseases and alien species expansion capacity building workshop, Cape Town, South Africa

17 - 19 April

Y Ahmed

Continental workshop on pesticide legislation and regulation as it affects honey bees in Cairo Egyp

13 - 16 Mar 

J Banasiak

DFG-AIMS Workshop Senegal

9 - 11 Mar

J Banasiak

University of Stellenbosch,South Africa

27 Feb - 5 Mar 

M Chapwanya, J Lubuma, J Banasiak, S Garba, Y Terefe, R Anguelov, K Dukuza, J Malinzi

3rd Joint UNISA-UP Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa

23 – 25 Jan

J Banasiak, M Chapwanya

Kinetic Theory and Multiscale Phenomena Workshop, Stellenbosch, South Africa


11 - 15 Jan

H Gidey

Concepción, Chile


24 - 29 Sep

R Appadu, M Chapwanya


22 - 27 Nov

M Chapwanya

SAMSA, Namibia

17 - Sep 

A Matusse

Maputo, Mozambique

4 - 6 Nov

A Matusse


4 - 6 Nov

 A Jejeniwa 


4 - 6 Nov

M Chapwanya


14 – 19 June

R Anguelov, N Hussaini, J Lubuma

International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (Biomath 2015), Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 

 2 – 7 March

R Anguelov, AR Appadu, M Chapwanya, MK Dukuza, S Garba, AS Hassan, N Hussaini, JM-S Lubuma, YA Terefe and B Tsanou 

2nd Joint UNISA-UP Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical Epidemiology, Hatfield Campus, Pretoria


3-8 March R Anguelov, M Chapwanya, MK Dukuza, S Garba, AS Hassan, N Hussaini, JM-S Lubuma, YA Terefe and B Tsanou, C Duffourd,Hagos Hailu Gidey, Mohamed Mbehou 1st Joint UNISA-UP Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical Epidemiology,Science Campus, University of South Africa

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